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Jump Resumes has established a reputation globally for providing tailored CVs (resumes) and career documentation that appeals to employers. Our clients have secured their dream jobs around the world, in every industry sector.
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Concise, accurate, professional

Our mission at Jump Resumes is simple: to provide attentive and responsive service that delivers a CV (resume), cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile that effectively conveys your professional skills, experience and strengths. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each client's specific attributes and career goals.
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Global partnerships

We've got the world covered

Watch to learn how Jump is working with international agencies to help clients find jobs worldwide.

We have partnered with international expatriate service SMATS and recruitment agencies around the world to deliver quality job search documentation for job seekers in every industry, wherever they aspire to work.


Richard Sutherland, London, UK:

"A recruitment professional in Hong Kong put me in touch with Jump Resumes. Though I'm based in London, we emailed, spoke and very soon had a professional first draft. Jump were fast, helpful and even helped me well after the product was paid for and the job was done. They were a huge help!"

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